Videos: Tested Tough

TESTED TOUGH: Safeguard Laminated Polycarbonate Window Strength Test

Five Star's Safeguard windshield deflected a 14 oz. slug fired at 200 mph, point blank! The other windshield did not survive the test. We put our products through more abuse than you will at the races, which is why we can say our products are Tested Tough!

TESTED TOUGH: NASCAR K&N Pro / ARCA Series Composite Fender Crush

We overdid it, and then overdid it again just to be sure that these fenders would survive abuse! Five Star's composites are test-proven to be the toughest!


ULTRAGLASS even stands up to Shamu!

TESTED TOUGH: Five Star Fire Retardant Cowl Panel Test

Your safety is our concern! We tested the fire retardancy of our ABC windshield cowl panel along with a competitor's. The difference was sobering.

TESTED TOUGH: Five Star Off Road Truck Plastic Panel Test

Check out just how strong our new Offroad Truck Hi-Impact plastic panels really are! Can your plastic body panels stand up to this kind of abuse?

TESTED TOUGH: Five Star Tractor Fender Crush

After years of research and development, our engineers have uncovered a secret to Higher Performance Fiberglass. Introducing our latest creation in fiberglass bodies by Five Star.... ULTRAGLASS.

TESTED TOUGH: Five Star plastic & composite body panels

Can you run over your plastic or composite race car body panels with a truck? We can - and we did! All Five Star race car body panels are Tested Tough. If they can survive what we do to them, imagine how well they'll hold up on the track!