LMSC Body Packages, Components & Windows

Late Model Stock Car (LMSC) racing bodies, windows & graphics by Five Star Race Car Bodies
Approved for use in:
NASCAR Cars Tour

This style of body is very easy to mount. The 2 piece roof configuration offers several benefits over other styles of bodies. Full details are in the Complete Body Packages "Product Details" tab.
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Nose Screens, upper
for LMSC Chevrolet SS or Toyota Camry
Starting at: $51.00
Quarter Panels, new style, ULTRAGLASS
PN 672-271: now NASCAR-approved!
Starting at: $194.00
Quarter Panels, replacement, molded plastic
PN 672-27, replacement parts
Starting at: $122.00
Quick Cover
PN 000-51CVR, for ABC & LMSC bodies
Starting at: $149.00
Radiator Duct, Flexible (Bump 'N Run)
for ABC, LMSC, S2, Street Stock 1988 Monte Carlo & straight-up bodies
Starting at: $129.00
Radiator Duct, Molded plastic, C5
PN 000-408, for ABC, LMSC, S2, Street Stock 1981-88 Monte Carlo & straight-up...
Starting at: $169.00
Rocker Panels
3 styles, for LMSC bodies
Starting at: $32.00
4 options, for LMSC or straight-up metal bodies
Starting at: $92.00
Template Set, complete
Includes all 7 LMSC wood templates
Starting at: $174.00
Template, body centerline
PN 672-82C, NASCAR LMSC Template A
Starting at: $40.00
Template, fender
Starting at: $19.00
Template, nose centerline
Starting at: $18.00
Template, nose side-to-side
PN 672-82NS, NASCAR LMSC Template B-3
Starting at: $40.00
Template, rear window
PN 672-82R, NASCAR LMSC Template H
Starting at: $17.00
Template, roof, rear, side-to-side
PN 672-82S, NASCAR LMSC Template G
Starting at: $21.00
Toyota Camry Nose
PN 720-410, 5 colors, for ABC, Dirt Grand National & LMSC bodies
Starting at: $135.00
Wear Strips
configurations for most short track noses
Starting at: $30.00
Windows, Quarter, ABC or LMSC
ABC or LMSC: 2 options
Starting at: $31.00
Windows, Rear, LMSC
LMSC: 6 options
Starting at: $169.00
Windshields, LMSC
LMSC: 4 options
Starting at: $312.00
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